Promoting Healthy lifestyles
For Families Along the Wasatch Range

We are a full-service organization designed to meet the needs of the people who live and work along the Wasatch Range in Utah. We provide fitness and wellness services which support the people we serve over the continuum of their lives. We believe each person has very individual health and wellness needs. Through our services each person or family unit can best meet their fitness and wellness needs with the help of dedicated professionals who provide training, coaching, and counseling services.


We are the local franchise owners of Stretch-n-Grow in Salt Lake City, Davis County, South Valley and Park City. Stretch-n-Grow is the world's largest children's fitness program. Our passion is to ensure that children get an early start in establishing fitness and wellness habits as a foundation for healthy lifestyles for the rest of their lives. Every class is based on national standards for fitness and nutrition. Certified youth fitness coaches make sure children have a fun and "exerciting" time.